Outstanding Junior Scholarship Award Rules

In an endeavor to promote higher scholastic standards among students in Animal Science, the National Block & Bridle Club will offer cash awards to outstanding junior students who are enrolled in college and are active members of a Block & Bridle Club.

The following rules and regulations are suggested:

1. The student must be enrolled in a regular four-year curriculum and must have completed at least eight quarters or five semesters of course work and have at least one year of college work remaining to be completed.

2. The student must be an active member in good standing of the local and National Block & Bridle Club.

3. Selection will be conducted by a committee selected by the National Block & Bridle Vice President with a minimum of three committee members. The committee should include at least one undergraduate student and at least one representative of a small chapter (this could be the same person).

4. The names of the five winners will be announced at the National Block & Bridle Convention.

5. If for some reason the winner of the scholarship is unable to accept the award, the second place contestant shall be eligible. In no case will the award be given to an individual if they do not continue college work.

6. The chapter's nomination for the Outstanding Junior Scholarship Award is limited to five (5) typed pages (front only). An official transcript must be included in the nomination packet.  Please be as complete and thorough as possible.

The report should contain the following items:

A. Scholarship (50%)

An official transcript, signed by the register, stating the number of credit hours completed and grade point average should accompany the credentials. All scholarship awards should be listed in the nomination packet.

B. Summary of Block and Bridle Activities (35%)

All of the activities of the Block & Bridle Club in which the nominee has taken part should be included, such as offices held, committee assignments, work assignments, etc.

C. Other Activities (15%)

This list should include all activities since entering college not sponsored by the Block & Bridle Club (such as fraternities, church, intern experiences, athletics, debate, drama, judging, college committees, work, etc.).

Scholarship Awards

First place will receive $750; second place, $600: third place, $450; fourth place, $300; and fifth place, $150.

Date Due

The Outstanding Junior Scholarship Award nomination packet should be emailed to the National Block and Bridle Vice President and copied to the Block and Bridle awards email by June 15. The format of the nomination packet needs to be a multipage ‘pdf’ file, which can be attached as a SINGLE file to your email.  The official transcript can either be emailed as a separate file or it can be mailed with a postmark of June 15 if it is not possible to send an electronic copy. For late entries, 3 points will be deducted for each day beyond the June 15 deadline (100-point scale), and entries will not be considered if they are two or more weeks late.

Outstanding Junior Scholarship Award: Past Award Winners

2017 Winners

First Place - Rebekka Lynn Brown, University of Florida
Second Place - R. Jordan Farrell - Auburn University
Third Place - Zena M. Hicks - University of Arkansas
Fourth Place - Hunter Liles - Virginia Tech University 
Fifth Place - Michael Lewis - Texas A&M University

2016 Winners

First Place - Amy Middleton, Penn State University
Second Place - Will Pohlman - University of Arkansas
Third Place - Cami Roth - Kansas State University
Fourth Place - Alyxandria Hanson - Oklahoma State University
Fifth Place - Kayla Neiderfer - University of Delaware

2015 Winners

First Place - Ellen Rankins, Auburn University
Second Place - Emily Von Edwins - Texas A & M University
Third Place - Lensey Dawn Watson - University of Arkansas
Fourth Place - Jillian T. Milopoulos - Clemson University 
Fifth Place - Elizabeth Palmer - Penn State University

2014 Winners

First Place - Merideth Adams - Virginia Tech University
Second Place - Kayley Wall - Texas A & M University
Third Place - McKensie Harris - University of Wyoming
Fourth Place - Kaitlyn McCombs - Auburn University 
Fifth Place - Samantha Bolen - Kansas State University

2013 Winners

First Place - Branden Zuck - Iowa StateUniversity
Second Place - Karen Roberts - Oklahoma State University
Third Place - Kristen Ulmer - Virginia Tech University
Fourth Place - Emily Kopko - Middle Tennessee State University 
Fifth Place - Lisa Temme - University of Nebraska

2012 Winners

First Place - Natalie Laubner - Kansas State University
Second Place - Julie Feldpausch- Michigan State University
Third Place - Thomas 'Dalton' Pate - Middle Tennessee State University
Fourth Place - Danielle Sheppard - Penn State University 
Fifth Place - Maxwell Rasmussen - University of Nebraska

2011 Winners

First Place - Loni Woolley - Texas Tech University
Second Place - Alyssa Looney - Texas A & M University
Third Place - Adair Boysen- Iowa State University
Fourth Place - Brianna Isenberg - Penn State University 
Fifth Place - Gabriel Mastromano - Virginia Tech University

2010 Winners

First Place - Renee Wangler- Michigan State University
Second Place - Kia Knuston- Iowa State University
Third Place - Daniel Keeton - University of Arkansas
Fourth Place - Ashlee Brown - Kansas State University 
Fifth Place - Megan Bryant- Oklahoma State University

2009 Winners

First Place - Kathryn Bailey - Purdue University
Second Place - Justin Hosch - Iowa State University
Third Place - Nathan Tapp - University of Arkansas
Fourth Place - Kristina McAllister - Penn State University 
Fifth Place - Mellissa Michelle Miller- University of Florida

2008 Winners

First Place - Rebecca Tokach - Kansas State University 
Second Place - Callie McAdams - North Carolina State University
Third Place - Cassie Bacon - Oklahoma State University
Fourth Place - Callihan Schillaci - Penn State University 
Fifth Place - Michael Slattery - Iowa State University

2003 - 2004 Winners

First Place - Whitney LeGrand - Western Kentucky University
Second Place - Emily Hogberg - Michigan State University
Third Place - Larry Vogel - Kansas State University
Fourth Place - Amanda Liles - University of Missouri
Fifth Place - Bethany Solomon - Texas A & M University

2002 - 2003 Winners

First Place - Kelton K. Mason, Texas A & M University
Second Place - Troy J. Soukup, Kansas State
Third Place - Burke M. Neely, Pennsylvania State University
Fourth Place - Stephanie Mary Smith, Virginia Tech
Fifth Place - Kelly D. Padgett, University of Florida

2001- 2002 Winners

First Place - Maurene B. Currin, Virginia Tech
Second Place - Megan E. Voss, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Third Place - Meredith McGowan, Texas A & M University
Fourth Place - Laura E. Jonovich, University of Florida
Fifth Place - T. J. Wilson, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2000 - 2001 Winners

First Place - Kristi Kieschnick, Texas A&M University
Second Place - Mark Perrier, Kansas State University
Third Place - Jerene Marie Kunkler, Purdue University
Fourth Place - Leslie Crisa Smith, Colorado State University
Fifth Place - Jeannine Grobbel, Michigan State University

1999 - 2000 Winners

First Place - Kevin Harvatine, Pennsylvania State University
Second Place - Renee McFee, University of Nebraska
Third Place - Angela McDowell, Virginia Tech
Fourth Place - Rachel Williams, Texas A&M University
Fifth Place - Dustin Ford, Iowa State University

1998 - 1999 Winners

First Place - Amanda Ellen Ramer, Western Kentucky
Second Place - Wendy O. Wood, Colorado State University
Third Place - Wendy A. Scheer, University of Missouri
Fourth Place - Jon Schmidt, Iowa State
Fifth Place - Janna Dunbar, Kansas State

1997 - 1998 Winners

First Place - Wayne Sanders, Texas A&M
Second Place - Kelly Ingham, Colorado State
Third Place - Lindsey Blakeley, University of Florida
Fourth Place - Lendsey Deardorff, University of Nebraska
Fifth Place - Amy Harris, Kansas State

1996 - 1997 Winners

First Place - Becca Dikeman, Kansas State
Second Place - Londa VanderWal, South Dakota State
Third Place - Jared Walahoski, University of Nebraska
Fourth Place - Julie Mossbarger
Fifth Place - Amelia Hopkin, Colorado State

1995 - 1996 Winners

First Place - Joel DeRouchey, South Dakota State
Second Place - DeEtta Viets, University of Missouri-Columbia
Third Place - Paul D. Bryant, Jr., University of Florida
Fourth Place - Maranda Collins, Kansas State University
Fifth Place - Judi Woitalewica, University of Nebraska-Lincoln