Outstanding Senior Scholarship Award Rules

In an endeavor to promote higher scholastic standards among students in Animal Science, the National Block & Bridle Club will offer cash awards to outstanding senior students who have graduated in the Spring or be graduating in Fall of the same year they are nominated and are/were active members of a Block & Bridle Club.

The following rules and regulations are suggested:

1. For example, a student nominated by June 15 should have just graduated or should be graduating by December of that same calendar year.

2. The student must be or have been an active member in good standing of the local and National Block & Bridle Club.

3. Selection will be conducted by a committee selected by the National Block & Bridle President with a minimum of three committee members. The committee members should include representation from chapters of various sizes and from different geographic areas.

4. The names of the three winners will be announced at the National Block & Bridle Convention.

5. If for some reason the winner of the scholarship is unable to accept the award, the second place contestant shall be eligible. In no case will the award be given to an individual if they do not continue college work.

6. The chapters nomination for the Outstanding Senior Scholarship Award is limited to six (6) typed pages (front only) including the cover page which should have a professional picture on it. An official transcript must be included with the nomination. The nomination should be written in third person (not I). The judges could take off points if more than six pages are submitted.  Letters of reference are not needed and will not be included in the judging.

The report should contain the following items:

A. Introduction

The introduction should include a paragraph or so on the student's background prior to college and end with what the student plans to do upon graduation. It should include a permanent address and phone number so the student may be located to let him/her know about winning.

B. Scholarship (35%)

1. Grades (given in terms of grade point average, percent, etc., and a short explanation of systems used by school should be included). An official transcript of college grades must accompany the entry. The transcript of grades (GPA) should end with the fall semester or winter quarter, since the nomination is due by June 1 (before some schools finish the spring term). Scoring this category will be as follows: (GPA obtained/GPA possible) x 35

2. Awards

3. Standing in class

C. Summary of Block & Bridle Activities (45%)

This is best presented by year starting with the freshman year. Judges say they can judge it best if it is in a list or outline form rather than in paragraph. List the offices and committee chairmanships first, then the other committees the students served on each year. Also list the activities assisted with. If a student was responsible for a new activity, say so. If the student was a judging team member, please indicate so and list the actual contests judged in. Give individual rank in contest if they ranked fairly high. Be thorough and complete. A judge cannot give a person credit if it is not listed or explained.

D. Other Activities (20%)

Campus Activities - List year and significance of activities if necessary. If students held important position of offices in other organizations, please indicate. If student has done something special, list it.

Off Campus Activities - List and briefly explain.

Work - If student worked while in college, list jobs held by year and hours per week. List summer jobs or internships also.

Scholarship Awards

          First place will receive $750; second place, $450; and third place, $300.

Date Due

The Outstanding Senior Scholarship Award nomination packet should be emailed to the National Block and Bridle President and copied to the Block and Bridle Awards email by June 15. The format of the nomination packet needs to be a multipage ‘pdf’ file, which can be attached as a SINGLE file to your email.  The official transcript can either be emailed as a separate file or it can be mailed with a postmark of June 15 if it is not possible to send an electronic copy. For late entries, 3 points will be deducted for each day beyond the June 15 deadline (100-point scale), and entries will not be considered if they are two or more weeks late. 

Past Outstanding Senior Award Winners


First Place - Ellen Rankins, Auburn University
Second Place - Emily Von Edwins, Texas A&M University
Third Place - Morgan Richard, Louisiana State University


First Place - Kayley Wall, Texas A&M University
Second Place - Rebecca Radisic, University of Delaware
Third Place - Matthew Romoser, Iowa State University


First Place - Branden Zuck, Iowa State University
Second Place - Alyssa Sheppard, Penn State University
Third Place - Karen Robert, Oklahoma State University


First Place - Julie Feldpausch, Michigan State University
Second Place - Dalton Pate, Middle Tennessee State University
Third Place - Brady McNeil, Iowa State University


First Place - Adair Boysen, Iowa State University
Second Place - Kyla Clawson, Kansas State University
Third Place - Sarah Schaaf, North Dakota State University


First Place - Ashley Quiggins, Western Kentucky University
Second Place - Joel Sparks, Michigan State University
Third Place - Megan Bryant, Oklahoma State University


First Place - Ashley Buford, University of Georgia
Second Place - Melissa Miller, University of Florida
Third Place - Carrie Highfill, Oklahoma State University


First Place - Callie McAdams, North Carolina State University
Second Place - Rebecca Tokach, Kansas State University
Third Place - Tiffani Pruitt, Oklahoma State University


First Place - Kyle Gregory Grim, Penn State University
Second Place - Kellie Nicole Beavers, Virginia Tech University
Third Place - Jenna Brown, Western Kentucky University



First Place

Second Place

Third Place


Jessica M. Wirrenga

Kelton Mason

Christopher Raines


Jennifer L. Flinchbaugh

Kristin L. Voges

Maurene B. Currin


Kristi Kieschnick

Brandon R. Horsley

Leslie Smith


Susan M. Miller

Kevin J. Harvatine

Natalie J. Lamneck


Jameson P. Walker

Sarah Jefferson

Amanda E. Ramer


Wayne E. Sanders

Kelly R. Ingham

Londa Vanderwal


Charles R. Farber

Jared Paul Walahoski

Becca Anne Dikeman


Amy Robinson

Joel DeRouchey

Paul Bryant


Debbie Roeber

Warren Forbes

Beth Rusche


Erin K. Pettigrew

Nathan D. Voris

Rosemary D. Bowen


Gregory W. Chavanec

V. Harrington

Eric L. Dewalt


Melissa L. Suttles

W. Loraine Cash

Amy E. Sanders


Rene R. Stewart

Ryan M. Taylor

Lisa A. Appeddu


Stacy K. Sanders

Shelly Daume

Todd A. Thrift


W. Torgerson

T. Geffert

A. Meadows


D. K. Darnell

T. L. Antony

G. A. Blaydes


R. Demuth

T. H. Powell

H. H. Woodbury


L. D. McGill

V. S. Spangler

B. B. Coley


R. C. Putnam

C. A. Terry

C. A. Garretson


M. G. Phillips

H. A. Grabouski

B. L. Katz


J. N. Rugila

R. L. Powell

W. P. Maupin


C. A. Phillip

J. D. Walker

D. G. Stewart


C. L. Skaggs

J. O. Pauley

L. D. Baird


R. E. Shuey

L. N. Brown

R. V. Machen


M. A. McGuirk

S. J. Watson

M. M. Hinshelwood


M. M. Barr

S. A. Masso

L. M. Edwards


H. W. McDowell

W. L. Backus

B. C. Greiman


K. R. Kleinschmidt

T. J. Knox

R. H. Maddox


T. L. Benecke

R. L. Moser

P. M. Johnson


M. E. Smith

J. W. Behrens

J. R. Anderson


N.A. Diuble

A. Johnson

R. B. Coley