Sam Houston State University’s Annual Block and Bridle Children’s Barnyard

by blockandbridle blockandbridle | Dec 08, 2014
October 2014 was the 19th Annual SHSU Block & Bridle Children’s Barnyard.  This event provides an educational experience for over 1200 area kindergartners. 
SHSU Barnyard 1
It includes walk-through pens filled with docile farm animals that each student is able to pet along with educational stations which explain the nutritional importance of milk, eggs, meat, plants, etc. 
SHSU Barnyard 2
The educational experience does not just lie with the kindergartners, it provides an opportunity for the Block and Bridle members to experience the joy in teaching about agriculture. 
SHSU Barnyard 3
There are over 75 college students that volunteer at this annual event and making Children’s Barnyard the biggest community service event that our department holds each year. 
SHSU Barnyard 4
This event is sponsored not only by Block and Bridle, but the Horticulture Club, Department of Agricultural Sciences and Engineering Technology and Walker County Farm Bureau.  This event strives to live by the SHSU motto “A measure of a life is its service